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1TB = 99$
Permanent cloud
10 year
jubilee offer
Buy Lifetime Storage
1TB = 99$
Permanent cloud
10 year
jubilee offer
Buy Lifetime Storage
1TB = 99$
Permanent storage
Buy 1000GB cloud for $99
Use it for private online secure cloud storage and encrypted backups
Purchase a private and permanent server disk space saving up to 11 times the cost of other storage solutions
Get tokens that will grant you storage and will be usable for other products
Token owners will get early access to content library & marketplace
One-time payment to top up your existing account plan with 1TB of storage space
Free up space on your PC and mobile devices
Buy 1000GB cloud for $99
Top answers on questions about features, business model, tokens and comparison to hard drives
Is it a permanent storage?
Yes, you are buying a 1000GB of permanent storage on platform for one-time payment. Purchase does not include any other paid features and space will be added to your existing free or paid account. Plan comparison
What is the difference from a regular hard disk?
You don’t have to install, wire and power a cloud account. You can access it from several devices and while on the vacation. And it is safer than single disk.
Is the storage private?
Yes, the storage you are buying is private cloud storage and not related to public content. You don’t have to publish or share your files, if you do not wish to. Your account and folders have Privacy settings.
Is the storage secure?
Yes, we use encryption. You can even encrypt your files before they leave your computer using our Backup app included in PRO account:
What is your business model?
We run ads on Basic accounts and we sell Pro and Business data subscription plans with Premium Features: and we charge % from paid content transactions:
What are the differences in Pro and Business plans?
Pro and Business plans include: no ads, content embedding options, file selling features, direct links (limited by traffic) before switching to P2P mode, multi user management, detailed security logs, support, customization/branding options etc.
Can I use Backup, Sync, Windows/macOS/Android apps?
When you subscribe to a Pro or Business account, you can use them to create encrypted private Backups or Sync your PC. 1TB permanent storage does not give you Paid subscription features.
An external hard drive is cheaper, why should I buy this instead?
One hard drive has a 2% -10% chance of failure and data is remotely accessible.
Is it a limited offer?
"Permanent Storage" is a limited offer related to 10 year anniversary of until we have the inventory. Users can purchase a maximum of 3TB space - to replenish existing accounts.
Why you are doing this?
Because users showed interest and we wanted to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a good deal that is useful to our users.
How can you support that in a long term?
Hard disks are getting bigger, storage support costs less, in five years it will not be a huge deal to support that + we still have premium PRO/Business recurring plans.
Do you charge for upload/download traffic?
We do not charge for download/upload traffic in reasonable "personal" amounts. To support higher traffic or bandwidth needs, we use Peer-to-Peer supported download mode and P2P streaming video player that works in a web browser. See how it works here:
What are your plans for next 10 years?
We are working on expanding the functionality of cloud file storage, sharing options and original content sales
Lifetime? How can I be sure you won`t quit in a year? has been around for 10 years now and we have many loyal users who have been with us for years. We have no plans to stop doing this and are constantly developing more convenient and faster storage solutions for our product.
Cloud storage VS Hard drive?
You don`t have to install, wire and power your cloud drive or carry it around. And it doesn`t spin - which means, it is less likely to drop and die.
Can I trial this before buying?
Sure, You can create a free basic account right now:
What is the purpose of tokens?
The storage you buy is tied to tokens in your account: 1 FFM token = 100MB.
What exactly are Tokens?
FFM token is a digital asset (ERC20 standard utility token) based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, that gives you rights to use private cloud storage, for as long as you have them in your wallet. In the future, FFM tokens can also be used as a unit of account between users, publishers and content creators within platform and Library.
Why should I care about those tokens?
There is no need for you to research them if you do not wish to. In that case, you will simply have 1 TB permanent storage. However, in the future you will also be able to use them in our services and this can serve as a convenient way to explore the world of tokens and blockchain, should you ever wish to.
How can I get FFM tokens?
You can buy them or earn via form by helping us spread the word. In the future you will also be able to earn them by doing useful work on the platform.
Do you have a referral/affiliate/bounty/airdrop program?
What if I spend some of the tokens? Will all of my storage go away?
No, for as long as you hold some tokens in your account, you will have the respective amount of private storage available. For example, if you have 9000 FFM, you will have 900 GB.