Backup - encrypted file backup solution for computers and servers

Protect your data from fire and water accidents, theft and hardware damage. Use Backup and be sure that your files will not be lost.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

" Backup" software tool automatically creates encrypted file backup copies on your computer or server.

Copies are stored in the PRO or Business account from Windows or MacOS devices.

How It Works

The right backup strategy for important data!

Backup Strategy
To achieve this, you can set up different geo destinations in " Backup" jobs
Use both Sync and Backup apps to have different copies and restore options
The safest backup option is to two independent service providers
3-2-1 universal strategy or rule of thumb would be: have a local copy on different HDD (you can set that up via Backup jobs) and use File Sync and Backup apps in parallel - that gives you 3 copies and instant access to the files.
For backup differentiation, we suggest you set up separate backup jobs for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backups, like "daily and keep last 30 days", "weekly and keep last 12 weeks", "monthly and keep last 12 months", "yearly and keep last 5 years". This will help distribute backups, separate copies and boost restore process.°

Backup tool features

Easy to understand interface
The tool has a simple and prudent management interface, available locally via web browser or through a network for administrator access.
Quick installation
By using an installation wizard and the default values, you can setup a full file backup in 10 minutes.
Easy to use and recover files
An icon appears in your Desktop toolbar near your clock, that informs about the status of the backup, and lets you access the control panel.
Copy and connection encryption
The tool uses the AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy and can utilize GnuPG to encrypt your file copies, before copying them to the server.
Incremental and recurring schedule
For each backup job, you can specify when and how often to make backups, how many versions to store and for how long to keep them on the server.
Data deduplication and compression
Tool efficiently uses data deduplication and compression to save up storage and time needed for backups.

Protect your data = create file backups

Protect your data = create file backups

Every year, most small businesses are faced with the loss of data, ending in disaster for business. There may be various reasons - cryptoviruses, hardware defects and deterioration, user errors or intentional misuse, device theft or loss of all data.

The most common ways of losing data: fire, thefts, liquids, hardware failures

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